Cycling the Wild Atlantic Way

Grassroutes Cycling Adventures

Electric and traditional bike hire company Grassroutes is located at the Craoibhin Community and Enterprise Centre, Termon, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Kids bikes and buggies are also available for hire.

Rental hubs are located at Glenveagh National Park.

The aim of the Grassroutes is to invite everyone to cycle and explore the beautiful and jaw dropping landscapes and safest cycling routes in Co. Donegal.

Three prime locations accessing the Wild Atlantic Way are offered to you so you can enjoy the incredible journey of a lifetime through designated trails and experience the wonderful rugged and natural scenery.

Premium quality Electric and Hybrid bikes are provided with all the necessary cycling accessories, route maps, and pick up/drop off information. En route assistance is also provided.

Grassroutes caters for leisure individuals, leisure groups, corporate groups and families.

Electric Bikes

The electric bikes offer a fun and simple way to explore the wonders of Co. Donegal. These bikes provide power assistance at the touch of a button, effort is still required to cycle. Steep hills are moderate and easily managed, moderate hills feel like gentle slopes and gentle slopes barely exist. To enjoy these bikes you don’t need to be a cycling enthusiast, just enthusiastic about the great outdoors!

Hybrid Bikes

This bike is an ordinary pedal bike, a cross between a road racing bike and a mountain bike. High quality sturdy bikes, light to mid weight. They are suitable for all terrains and allow you to explore with the reward of knowing that you have had a great days exercise along the way!

Bike Hire Rates

  • Full Day €35 Electric      €20 Traditional 
  • Half Day €20 Electric      €12 Traditional
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